- Creditor's Rights
by Howard S. Toland

Howard S. Toland participates as panelist at the 2021 LEAN Network's National Webinar

Howard Toland was a featured panelist at the June 24th, 2021 National Webinar provided by LEAN Network Inc (Lease Enforcement Attorney Network) on "the ABC's of Replevin: When Repo Doesn't Work."  Founded in 1999, LEAN is comprised of carefully selected member firms from major markets in the United States. Members represent clients needing assistance with creditor rights including secured obligations , unsecured debts , lease obligations, collections, asset recovery and bankruptcy.

Howard Toland is a member of LEAN's executive steering committee. LEAN's member firms typically have Board Certified Creditor’s Rights Specialists and/or Business Bankruptcy Specialists certified by their individual states or by the American Board of Certification.